Prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites in guinea fowl at instructional poultry farm, Pantnagar

V.S. Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Vivek Bharadwaj, C.L. Yadav, P.S. Banerjee and Rajat Garg
Department of Veterinary Parasitology, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
G.B.P.U.A. & T., Pantnagar, Uttaranchal

A total of 250 faecal samples and 25 intestines of guinea fowls were examined for the prevalence of gastro-intestinal parasites at Instructional Poultry Farm of the University at Nagla. The samples were collected twice, once in January, 04 (150 faecal samples and 14 intestines) and again in June, 04 (100 faecal samples and 11 intestines). The screening was done for three consecutive days on each occasion. Faecal examination revealed Ascaridia galli (7.33%), Capillaria sp. (1.33%) and Eimeria sp. (3.33%). Out of 25 birds examined at pot-mortem, two were positive for Ascaridia galli (8%) and one was positive for Eimeria sp. (4%).

Source : IPSACON-2005

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