Production performance of Khaki Campbell ducks in intensive system of management

M.K. Padhi, B.K. Panda, S.K. Sahoo and S.C. Giri
Regional Centre, Central Avian research Institute,
In front of Kaling Studio, Bhubaneswar - 751003

Fertile eggs of Khaki Campbell ducks were procured from Central Poultry Development Organization, Hisserghatta, and Bangalore and are hatched at Bhubaneswar . The day old ducklings are reared with chick starter up to 4 weeks followed by grower mash up to 14 weeks of age. The body weight was recorded at bi-weekly intervals. The average body weight of females at 20 weeks of age was 1380±8.81 as compared to 1604.30 ±13.93 at the age of 40 weeks. The first egg in the flock was recorded at the age of 117 days. The production reached 5% at the age of 18 th week. The flock attended the 50% production at 22 weeks of age. The hen day egg production percentage at 40 weeks of age found to be 87.37.The hen house production from 18 th to 40 weeks recorded to be 56.74.The average egg weight at 30 th and 40 th week of age were 57.66±0.32and 64.18±0.45 respectively. The mortality at 16 th to 40 weeks of age found to be bellow 1 percentage. The over all egg production performance among Khaki Campbell ducks up to 40 weeks of age found to be better than the layer type hens like (WLH) preferred for commercial farming. Based on the observations it may be concluded that Khaki Campbell ducks are more remunerative as compared to commercial layer type chickens presently preferred by the farmers.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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