Effect of genetic selection for growth rate on egg production in Japanese quails

Samita Saini, G.S. Brah and M.L. Chaudhary
Deptt. Of Animal Breeding and Genetics, College of Veterinary Science
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141001

Effect of genetic selection for increased body weight on egg production of Japanese quails was investigated by comparison of egg production in the selected and the unselected strains. Selection for body weight over 25 generations led to an increase of 70 % over the control line. The egg production was recorded from 8 to 32 weeks of age. Age at 50 % was earlier in the unselected control (59d) than the selected strains (67 d). The control line achieved a peak production of 92 % while the growth-selected strains had peak production of 76%. The hen-day egg production (%) increased up to 16 weeks of age in the selected strains. Selection for growth over long time led to decline in egg production performance as reflected in delayed sexual maturity, longer time taken to production, lower peak production, shorter stability period of production and higher laying house mortality.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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