Studies on performances of Japanese quails under different system of rearing

P.K. Biswas, S.P. Roy, A. Goswami, and M.K. Mondal
Directorate of Research, Extension and Farms
W.B. University of Animal and Fishery Sciences,
37 K.B. Sarani, Kolkata- 37

A comparative study of performances of Japanese quails of both sexes under deep litter and cage rearing systems were conducted at the Farm Complex, Mohanpur campus under Directorate of Research, Extension and Farms, WBUAFS. Quail chicks were hatched at his campus and 200 chicks were reared in iron cages and deep litter in 4 replicate of 25 chicks in each. The quail chicks were brooded separately under electric bulb up to three weeks of age in deep litter and cages under standard management and feeding regime. Up to 20 weeks of age quails birds were maintained with floor space @ 200 cm 2/quail both at cage and deep litter system. Three types of quail rations viz. quail starter, grower and layer were offered at 0-3 weeks, 4-5 weeks ad 6-20 weeks separately respectively. Growth rate and feed conversion efficiency were recorded up to 6 weeks of ages. The laying performances of quails were recorded up to 20 weeks ages along with age at first egg production and age at 50% egg production.

Egg weight was recorded and eggs from both deep litter and cage were set in the incubator to determine the fertility and hatchability both on he total egg set (TES) as well as fertile egg set ( FES ). It was observed from the study that quails reared by cage systems reveled lower mortality and reached early laying of eggs, early age at 50% egg production and produced significantly (P<0.05) higher eggs (Hen day egg production) with higher hatchability percentage (P<0.05) compare to deep litter system. Moreover body weight observed up to 6 weeks of age reveled significantly (P<0.05) in cage rearing than deep liter system. But the egg weight ad fertility % was higher in cage rearing compare to deep litter system although differences were statistically non significant. From this study it can be conclude that quail rearing under cage system enhanced the overall productive and reproductive performances compare to deep litter system.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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