Mortality pattern during Phase III transfer in ex-vivo embryo culture system

J.K. Chauhan, B.P. Singh, Meenal Rana, U.B. Singh and B. Singh
Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar- 243 122

In normal incubation procedure, the embryonic mortality does not occur randomly at all days of incubation. However, in ex-vivo embryo culture system, the transfer to recipient shell may also cause more embryonic mortality. Hence, the present experiment was undertaken in order to examine the effect of transfer of embryos at 60 hrs, 66 hrs and 72 hrs on post transfer mortality pattern during Phase III. The results stated that maximum total dead embryo in next two days were observed after 72 hrs and 66 hrs of transfer as 24.09%, 21.42% followed by 60 hrs of transfer (17.14%). It can be concluded that Phase III transfer should be carried out after 60 hrs of incubation instead of 72 hrs, as suggested in earlier studies (Perry, 1988; Naito et al., 1990 and Sang et al., 1993) the study has its implications in improving the efficiency of double window ex-vivo embryo culture system by ­­­­­ deciding the time of transfer of embryos.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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