Hatching observation in relation to urates in ex-vivo embryo culture system

J.K. Chauhan, B.P. Singh, Meenal Rana, U.B. Singh and B.Singh
Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar- 243 122

The present experiment was conducted to study the hatching observation in relation to urates in ex-vivo embryo culture system. The chicken embryo in embryo culture system enables a more thorough analysis of embryonic development and physiology, since it allows continuos observation and access to the embryo, thus, it is easier to study the development each and everyday. A total of 233 fertile eggs of IC-3 were set in different experiments using ex-vivo embryo culture technique and on 22 nd day a total of 97 chicks were hatched out. These chicks were observed for the presence of urates on 20-21 days. The presence of urates were categorized as None visible, a little, some and a lot. The results revealed that the maximum number of embryos (70.10%) in culture systems showed no visible urates followed by a little (15.46%), some (10.30%) and a lot (4.12%). The investigation concluded that continuous hatching observations in relation to urates or any other conditions are only possible in case of ex-vivo embryo culture.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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