RAPD analysis of indigenous poultry of A & N Islands

S.P.S. Ahlawat*, S.T. Bharani Kumar, Jai Sunder and R.K. Vijh
Central Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair, A & N Islands
*National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal, Haryana

The native germplasm of Andaman and Nicobar Islands includes Nicobari fowl (Brown, Black and white Nicobari), Naked neck, Barred Desi and Frizzle fowl. The present study deals with the genetic analysis of indigenous poultry germplasm of A & N Islands and ILI-80 (White Leghorn) by using RAPD-PCR. All the genetic groups were maintained at the institute farm and provided with standard managemental feeding and water ad-lib. The genomic DNA from each genetic group was placed pooled and were analyzed for genetic similarity and diversity between different groups. A total of 50 random decamer primers were used for amplification of the pooled DNA samples. Of which 45 primers (90%) produced distinct and reproducible banding patterns and were used for further analysis. Finally 24 primers (53.33%) producing polymorphic banding patterns were selected. The genetic similarity was calculated based on band sharing and dendogram was constructed using popgene software. Maximum similarity was found between Brown and Black Nicobari (0.858) while the least similarity was found between Naked neck and Brown Nicobari (0.6702). The dendogram constructed based on NeI coefficient of genetic distance revealed Black and brown Nicobari in same cluster and was found to be distant from Naked neck. The Nicobari fowl (Black, Brown and White) was found be closely related and are in same cluster and they are 64.8 % distant from the other cluster (White leghorn and Barred desi). The overall genetic analysis of the indigenous poultry germplasm reveals that Nicobari fowl is 72.5% distant to other native birds like Naked neck, frizzle fowl and these data is helpful in further upgradation of the endangered indigenous germplasm.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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