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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology - Articles
Monoclonal antibodies and their application in poultry  V. THIAGARAJAN
Chicken proteomics - beyond the Genome  B. P. SINGH
Avian Transgenic: An industrial perspective  SANDEEP GOEL AND SATISH KUMAR
Standardization and application of reverse transcriptase - polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of avian infectious bronchitis virus  S. ARTHUR SYLVESTER, J. M. KATARIA, K. DHAMA, N. SENTHILKUMAR AND S. TOMAR
RAPD analysis of indigenous poultry of A & N Islands  S.P.S. AHLAWAT, S.T. BHARANI KUMAR, JAI SUNDER AND R.K. VIJH
Genes of the chicken controlling cell susceptibility to infection with Avian Leukosis Sarcoma virus subgroups  R.K. CHAURASIA, BHUKYA PRAKASH, P.V.K. SASIDHAR
Multitrait selection with restriction for cutup carcass value: Genetic relatedness of strains involved based on randomly amplified polymorphic DNA  H. KHOSRAVINIA, H.N. NARASIMHA MURTHY, K.P. RAMESH AND M. G. GOVINDAIAH
Scope for interspecies hybridization between chicken and quail  H. KHOSRAVINIA, H.N. NARASIMHA MURTHY and K. PRATHAP KUMAR
Measurement of genetic relatedness of naked neck and normally feathered birds through RAPD markers  B. SINGH, B.P. SINGH AND U.B. SINGH
Generic differences between and within four avian species as assessed by Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers  SURYAKANT MISHRA, MAHADEO KUMAR, R.P. SHARMA AND V. L. K PRASAD
Homozygousity-assessment for “B” blood-group alleles in a layer population undergoing recurrent inbreeding by PCR based simple sequence repeat polymorphism  SURYAKANT MISHRA, R.P. SHARMA AND S.R. SHARMA
Genomic differentiation of Escherichia coli isolates from chicken and multiple aquatic sources using Enterobacterial Repetitive inter-genic Consensus PCR  SURYAKANT MISHRA , S.S. MISHRA , R.P. SHARMA, A. DHARANI KUMAR AND B.J.R. SHARMA
Molecular typing of Escherichia coli isolates sourced from avian and aquatic species using Repetitive DNA sequences based PCR  SURYAKANT MISHRA, S.S. MISHRA, R.P. SHARMA ,
Optimizing genomic DNA isolation from chicken spermatozoa  R.R. CHURCHIL, ANUP SINGH, JAIYASHI GUPTA AND DEEPAK SHARMA
PCR-RFLP analysis of growth hormone gene in extreme groups of colored broiler parent lines  V.K. SAXENA, A.B. PRAMOD, K.A. AHMED, N. RAVI, M. SAXENA,A.K. DEV ROY AND R.V. SINGH
Studies on tumor markers in the pathogenesis of lymphoid leucosis in poultry  R.V.S. PAWAIYA, RAM KUMAR, O.P. PALIWAL AND T.R. MOHANTY
Hatching percentage of donor eggs as per weight in ex-vivo embryo culture system  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA, K.P. SINGH AND B.SINGH
Mortality pattern during Phase III transfer in ex-vivo embryo culture system  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA, U.B. SINGH AND B. SINGH
Comparison of abnormal chicks of embryo culture system and normally incubated chicks  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, K.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA AND B. SINGH
Hatching observation in relation to orientation of embryo in ex-vivo embryo culture system  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA, U.B. SINGH AND B. SINGH
Hatching observation in relation to feet/legs position during twenty to twenty one days in ex-vivo embryo culture system in chicken  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA, K.P. SINGH AND B.SINGH
Hatching observation in relation to urates in ex-vivo embryo culture system  J.K. CHAUHAN, B.P. SINGH, MEENAL RANA, U.B. SINGH AND B.SINGH
Development of a DNA based technique to differentiate chicken meat and blood samples from various food animal species and human forensic specimens  D. CHAUDHURI, D.D. CHAUDHURI, S. MISHRA , K. THANGARAJ AND S.R. SHARMA
Molecular genetic characterization of White Leghorns using RAPD and microsatellite markers  MAHADEO KUMAR, V.L.K. PRASAD, R.P.SHARMA, S.K.MISHRA, B. RAMESH GUPTA AND G. NARASIMHA RAO
Study of relationship between locus and population genetic parameters in chicken adopted by microsatellite markers  G. DEVEGOWDA , N. PIRANY , S. P. GANPULE , H.N.N. MURTHY,
Genetic diversity, allelic patterns and F-statistics of six chicken populations using microsatellite DNA markers  N. PIRANY , G. DEVEGOWDA , S. P. GANPULE , H.N.N. MURTHY ,
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