Genetic evaluation of short-term selection in synthetic coloured broiler female line - direct and correlated responses

B.L.N.Reddy, M.Niranjan, A.K.Panda and R.P.Sharma
Project Directorate on Poultry, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-30

Broiler female line PB-2 was under continuous mass selection for 6week body weight and was under family selection for egg production to 40 weeks for 11 generations (1989-2000). Random bred pedigreed control was also maintained in parallel to the selected population to evaluate the genetic responses in primary and secondary traits. In the present study data was analyzed for 5 generations (1995-2000) to evaluate short-term genetic and phenotypic responses in broiler female line. Genetic responses for 6 WK BW, 20WK BW, 40WK BW, ASM, 32WK egg weight, 40WK egg weight and 40WK egg production respectively were 32.22±12.55g, -44.30 ±122.79g, -78.70±28.29g, 1.70± 2.99days, -0.09±0.73g, 0.61±0.71g and 0.35±2.92.On genetic scale 6WK BW was improved, but non significant. Body weight at 20WK and 40WK and egg weight at 32WK were decreased insignificantly. There was marginal genetic gain in ASM, 40WK egg weight and 40WK egg production. Phenotypic responses in these traits respectively were 60.10±23.89g, 145.20±60.40g, 71.40±27.21g, -2.30±2.11days, -0.52±0.39g, -0.61 ± 0.25g and 3.79±0.93eggs.On phenotypic scale body weights at 6WK, 20WK and 40WK were improved non-significantly while egg production was improved significantly (P<0.05). ASM and egg weight at 32 WK and 40WK were decreased.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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