Studies on specialized selection experiment in two naked neck populations- fertility and hatchability trend

B.P. Singh, U.B. Singh, K.P. Singh and B. Singh
Central Avian Research Institute
Izatnagar- 243 122

Fertility and hatchability performance of two naked neck populations (NNCP an NNCP) were evaluated for a period of 8 generations. In 8 th selected generation, a total of 3907 eggs in NNWP and 3129 eggs in NNCP were set for hatching during extreme summer (May and June). The average percentage fertility and hatchability on fertile eggs were 60.91 and 75.91 in NNWP and 50.94 and 68.82 in NNCP populations. The number of good chicks hatched were 1789 and 1097 in NNWP and NNCP, respectively. The fertility and hatchability over the generations have shown non-significant decreasing trends. This decreasing trend may be attributed to high selection pressure on juvenile body weights and adverse environment conditions.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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