Genetic studies on productive & reproductive traits in RIR x CARI-BRO crosses

C.B.Singh and M.H.Jilani
Animal Science Section, GBPUA& T, Hill Campus, Ranichauri
Tehri Garhwal – 249 199

Genetic variability for productive and reproductive traits has been estimated on 220 females of RIR x CARI- BRO crosses. The traits recorded were 20 weeks body weight, Age and weight at sexual maturity, I st egg weight, egg production up to 40 weeks and egg weight at 32 weeks. The least square means of these traits were 2761.66±8.43 g, 172.66±0.86 days, 3205.00±11.05 g, 49.26±0.98 g, 122.87±0.38 nos and 59.63±0.84 g respectively. The heritability estimates of these traits under ranged from low to medium. The genetic and phenotypic correlations among all traits under study were positive and significant.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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