Genetic analysis of juvenile body weights in synthetic broiler dam line under long term selection

A.K. Dev Roy, V.K. Saxena, M. Nath, B.P. Singh and R.V. Singh
Central Avian Research Institute
Izatnagar - 243 122 (UP)

White plumaged Synthetic broiler dam line (SDL) developed and maintained in Experimental Broiler Farm of the institute has undergone selection based on 6 weeks body weight up to 12 generations and for last two generations the selection has been switched over to body weight at 5 weeks of age. Full sib pedigreed population of SDL was obtained through artificial insemination and chicks were brooded up to 5 weeks before being shifted to grower houses. Body weight at 3 and 5 weeks were recorded on each individual. The mean body weights at 3 week of age was 478.63 ±3.87 g. The body weight at 5 weeks being the major selection criteria was subjected to least squares analysis using full sib model considering appropriate fixed and random effects. The results revealed significant effects of sex, hatch, sire and dams within sire. Males (1118 ±5.68 g) and chicks belonging to first hatch (1110.07 ±5.68 g) were heavier as compared to females (967.81±4.79 g) and chicks hatched in subsequent hatches (Hatch II: 1025.96 and Hatch III: 993.57 g). The overall least squares mean for body weight at 5 weeks of age was 1044.56±7.50 g (n=2621). Estimates of heritability for 5-week body weights were obtained as 0.349±0.062, 0.361±0.043 and 0.373±0.088 considering sire, dam and sire + dam components of variance, respectively.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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