Genetic evaluation of short-term selection in synthetic colored broiler male line - direct and correlated responses

B.L.N.Reddy, M.Niranjan, A.K.Panda and R.P.Sharma
Project Directorate on Poultry, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-30

Broiler male line PB-1 was under continuous mass selection for 6-week body weight for 11 generations (1989-2000). Random bred pedigreed control was also maintained in parallel to evaluate the genetic responses in primary and secondary traits. In the present study data was analysed for 5 generations (1995-2000) to evaluate the short-term genetic and phenotypic responses in broiler male line. Genetic responses for 6 WK BW, 20 WK BW, 40WK BW, ASM, 32WK egg weight, 40WK egg weight and 40WK egg production respectively were 31.61 ± 21.3g, -80.10 ± 111.98g, -38.60 ± 102.58g, 0.50 ± 2.31days, 0.24 ± 2.40g, -0.49 ± 0.81g and 1.80 ± 4.69eggs.On genetic scale 6week body weight was improved significantly (P<0.05). Body weight at 20 week and 40 week were decreased. There is marginal insignificant gain in ASM and 40-week egg production. Phenotypic responses in these traits respectively were 59.40±32.91g, 109.40 ± 54.45g, 87.40 ± 59.78g, -3.50 ± 1.19days, -0.19 ± 0.29g, 0.39 ± 0.18g and 5.23 ± 2.33eggs. On phenotypic scale body weights at 6WK, 20WK and 40WK were increases non-significantly while ASM, egg weight at 32 and egg weight at 40WK were decreased non-significantly. Egg production to 40 weeks was improved significantly (P<0.05).

Source : IPSACON-2005

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