Evaluation of selection experiments in two naked neck populations- primary response

B.P. Singh, U.B. Singh, K.P. Singh, B. Singh and M. Rana
Central Avian Research Institute Izatnagar- 243 122

Two populations namely Naked Neck White (NNWP) and Naked Neck Colored (NNCP) with plumage reducing gene (Na) were subjected to specialized selection programme over a period of 8 generations. The white broiler line was designated as heavy male line and colored as female line. Individual selection for high 5-weeks body weight on ad libitum feeding was the sole criterion of selection in male line. However, the selection criterion in female line was high body weight at 5-week of age and mild selection for high egg production upto 40 weeks of age. A random00bred control population was also maintained to monitor the realized responses. The estimates of genetic time turned for primary traits of selection in both the lines showed statistically non-significant values. Though the responses were found to be non-significant yet it might be concluded that the improvement in body weight traits and egg production in genetic terms were in desirable direction for both the populations.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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