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Least Cost Feed Formulation Software for Poultry, Dairy, EMU and any kind of Livestock

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  • Why Ecomix •User friendly – Prepare any kind of balanced feed with least cost in just two clicks.
    •Navigation - Easy navigation of all features from just one screen.
    •The Best – Developed under the technical guidance of eminent nutritionist Dr.S.V.Rama Rao, M.V.Sc., Ph.D. (Poultry Science), recipient of ICAR Young Scientist award for his outstanding research contribution to Poultry Nutrition & Dr.V.Rama Subba Reddy M.V.Sc., Hyderabad, India

•Multi Purpose – Can be used for Poultry, Dairy, Aqua, Swine, Emu, Horse, Pets & Livestock
•FREE demo version – Web based version of the software.
•Guided Solution – Software guides the ingredient and nutrient range for non-feasible solutions.
•Compare Formulae – Compare and Print formulae
•View and Print - Ingredients and Nutrients in the specified order
•Substitute Ingredients – Provides best substitute ingredients.
Other Features
•Nutrient Percent break out by each Ingredient
•Monitor Ingredient Rate changes – Weekly, Monthly etc
•Monitor Profit/Loss per ton
•Shadow Price
•Unlimited – Use of unlimited number of ingredients and nutrients.
•Compatible with Windows Operating Systems.
•Prepare different batch sizes.
•Access to calculator and calendar utilizes
•Easy to add, delete, rename Ingredients and Nutrients.
•Easy to change minimum and maximum values of Ingredients and Nutrients.
•Easy to add, change specifications for standard rations
•Easy to change nutrient values of feed ingredients
•Help provided on every screen
•Marginal price and Cost Analysis