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  • AIMS presents HONAZ / SORVEH (Canada, Dubai) EGGJET Printer Model EJP-P2128 which is an economical, no maintenance, user friendly, high resolution FOUR line Non-Contact multi-head printer specially designed to print on 1 to 5 rows of egg trays simultaneously (or on 5 to 6 tracks in a blister packing machine Model MJP-P2128). The system comes complete with conveyor to feed egg trays & can easily be integrated with existing production lines & can print Company Name, Logo, Pro. Dt., Exp. Dt., B. No., etc. It has a capacity of printing apprx. 22,000 eggs / hour.

Egg Jet Printer:


These coders are ideal for On-Line High Speed Coding on egg trays moving on conveyor (or on multi-track blister packing machines). The message to be printed is very easily composed on its graphic display using the integrated complete QWERTY keyboard. The message can be upto 4 lines with a combination of small, medium or large characters from 1 mm to 17 mm in height along with LOGOs. The Inking system consists of a simple disposable pre-mix ink cartridge using food grade porous or fast drying & indelible solvent-based inks (for porous and non-porous surfaces) which is just push fitted into its slot & immediately you can start printing. The height of the print heads is then adjusted according to the height of the eggs in the trays & when the tray travels on the conveyor, the whole message is spray-printed onto all the eggs at high speed while it is in motion without touching it.


Supply Voltage 230 Vac ± 10%, 150 VA

Operating Range 5 to 45 deg. C, 10 – 90% RH non-condensing.

Printing Area 4 lines of 120 char each from 1 to 17 mm high.

Printing Speed Max. 50 Meters / min. for 1 to 4 line printing.

Prints using Piezo-electric print head for spraying ink.

Inking Medium Disposable pre-mix ink in 200 ml. cartridge

Printing Medium Water based inks (Red, Blue, etc.)

Impressions Appx. 90 million char. of 2 mm per lit. of ink.

Dimensions 20X30X36 cm & 200X40X63 cm with stand.

Weight 15 Kgs for machine & 50 Kgs with conveyor.

  • Features.

•Stainless steel rugged construction. All machine stands, product sensor with stand, print head stand included with the system. The print module is well protected & insulated in the Stainless steel tubular print head.

•Graphic 128 X 64 backlit liquid crystal display & integrated QWERTY keyboard with Real time clock and calendar, expiry date, Bar Codes, LOGOs, serial nos. (counter) & storage of 9 messages of 4 lines each of 120 characters per line with facility for password lock.

•Push fit disposable solvent / water based pre-mix ink cartridge for ease of use. Uses simple inks that do not require any mixing or viscosity adjustments whereas other printers use Methanol (M.E.K.) based highly toxic to humans & difficult to use inks.

•Latest technology high speed 128 nozzle, 17 mm XAAR piezo-jet print head which is very high resolution & gives very high quality of print.

•Instant startup within 1 minute for the first print & instant shutdown within 1 minute with print head cleaning. Other printers require upto 30 minutes for each of the procedures & require a trained engineer.

•No air compressor, pumps, viscosity control units or mechanical parts, hence lower running cost & more reliability. Maintenance free compared to other printers, which have a lot of moving parts & filters, which can fail & need to be replaced. If there is a power failure, most printers require a major over haul by a trained engineer whereas this printer just starts printing as if nothing has happened.

•The system is PC linkable via the COM (RS-232) port. The windows based FLEXICODE software allows for the control of the print layout and design and for downloading of LOGOs, Bar Codes, data, etc.