Technology transfer cum demonstration on broiler farming in rural areas of Srinagar

J .D. Parrah, M.T. Banday and Shahmaz Shafi
Directorate of Extension Education
S.K University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Kashmir Shuhama, Srinagar-190006 (J&K)

Twenty five families of five villages of Srinagar district who had the potential and willingness to participate in scientific broiler production under backyard conditions with a package of practices were selected .The approach followed was: 1. Creation of awareness by training and other ways about the management, marketing and nutrition of broiler chicken. 2.Provision of 25-day-old commercial broiler chicks to each selected families; 3.Health cover especially involving all vaccination and disease diagnosis. The results were highly encouraging. Growth of these birds showed variations according to the different brand of feed used by each family. The mean live weight of the broilers increased from 1.5- 1.6kg at 6weeks of age and feed conversion ratio ranged from 2.2—2.3. While, as the livability ranged from 75—100%. It may inferred that the backyard poultry farming with high yielding breeds of birds were gaining among the poor sections in rural areas of Kashmir.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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