Knowledge level of commercial poultry farmers

D. Thammi Raju, B. Sudhakar Rao and B.R. Gupta*
Dept. of Veterinary & AH Extension , *Dept. of Animal Genetics and Breeding
College of Veterinary Science, Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-30

An ex-post facto research design was adopted to study the knowledge level of commercial poultry farmers and the factors influencing the same. It was revealed from the data collected from 70 commercial poultry farmers (layer + broiler) of Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh that majority of the layer and total farmers had high knowledge, while majority of broiler farmers had medium knowledge on poultry production. The reasons were discussed. The factors such as scientific orientation, education, economic motivation, computer awareness, poultry farm size, income were found to be significantly related to the knowledge level of both layer and broiler farmers. The step down regression analysis revealed that urban contact and scientific orientation in case of layer farmers; education occupation, rationality in decision making, computer awareness in case of broiler farmers; urban contact, scientific orientation and computer awareness in case of total farmers had accounted for maximum variation in the knowledge level. The trends were discussed.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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