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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
Education & Extension - Articles
Paramount emphasis on poultry science education in India  T. S. JOHRI AND H. P. SHRIVASTAVA
Extension strategy to network poultry farmer for socio-economic development of rural poor  S. K. BHANJA
Profile of rural poultry farmers in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal  D. SAHA*, N. KHANDEKAR, PRAKASH KHANDEKAR AND M.K. MANDAL
Options and implications of intellectual property rights for poultry research systems  P.V.K. SASIDHAR, SANDEEP SARAN AND RAJVIR SINGH
Professional manpower requirement for poultry sector  P.V.K. SASIDHAR, K.V.H. SASTRY AND SANDEEP SARAN
Knowledge level of commercial poultry farmers  D. THAMMI RAJU, B. SUDHAKAR RAO AND B.R. GUPTA
Constraints of poultry production in Haldwani Tehsil of district Nainital of Uttaranchal  DEVESH PANT, SHIVE KUMAR, S.K. SINGH AND D. KUMAR
Technology transfer cum demonstration on broiler farming in rural areas of Srinagar  J .D. PARRAH, M.T. BANDAY AND SHAHMAZ SHAFI
Poultry expert system: Information technology enabled extension delivery system  D. THAMMI RAJU, B. SUDHAKAR RAO AND B.R. GUPTA
Training needs of broiler farmers in north Karnataka  K.C. VEERANNA AND SHUBHANGI B.TAJANE
Factors associated with adoption of scientific poultry production practices  K.C. VEERANNA AND SHUBHANGI B.TAJANE
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