Backyard poultry farming in central Himalaya: Constraints & future prospects

M. H. Jilani, C.B. Singh & S.S. Bisht
Animal Science Section GBPUA&T, Hill Campus, Ranichauri Tehri Garhwal - 249 199

Backyard poultry farming is a traditional & old age practices in under privileged section of rural community of Uttaranchal. Till today therefore to keep non-descript multicolored birds because these birds are eco friendly and able to provide small but regular source of income over many generations. The BYPF can play a crucial role in the upliftment of socio economic status of the hilly peoples. It may be subsidiary source of employment & income for small & marginal farmers of hilly areas.

The study was conducted in Tehri of Garhwal Himalaya to understand the constraints and future prospects of BYPF. The main objectives of this study were to access the constraints & future prospects of BYPF in Uttranchal hills. The study revealed the following constraints faced by the poultry farmers. The identified constraints were non- availability of day old chicks/ lack of suitable germplasm (high yielding strain – specially developed for backyard poultry farming), Infrastructure facility, High price rate of day old chick, Lack of technical know how, non-availability of vaccine & medicines in the locally, Government policy and credit facility of farmers were ranked as most important. The study pointed out the future prospects of BYPF for socio-economic enhancement of small & marginal farmers of hills areas. Introduction of high yielding birds & providing basic health care facilities can bring a significant improvement in sustainable poultry production in rural areas of Uttranchal hills. There are many possibilities of sustainable poultry farming in mid & valley areas of Uttranchal hills.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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