Bukhari - An alternative to conventional method of brooding in remote and rural areas

R.K. Chaurasia, Bhukya Prakash, P.V.K. Sasidhar1 and V.B. Sharma 2
National Research Center on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland - 797 106
1 Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar
2 Dept. of Animal production & Management, Central Agricultural University, Nagaland

An investigation was carried out in-order to evolve a suitable alternative method of brooding in the remote and hilly areas of rural India. “Bukhari”, a kind of heating contrivance was scientifically used in the present experiment. A total of 400 chicks, divided into four groups of 100 each were used. Three groups were used for Bukharibrooding and rest 100 were under conventional brooding method. The chicks were brooded for a period of three weeks under similar managemental conditions. At the end of brooding period, the body weight, weight gain, feed consumption and conversion efficiency were 561 ± 1.80 g and 518.3 ± 4.68 g; 265.2 ± 1.80 and 268.7 ± 3.38g; 1153g and 1055g; and 2.33 and 2.10 respectively for conventional and Bukhari brooded groups. However, at the age of six weeks they were in the order of 1657 ± 5.81g and 1615 ± 7.34g; 413.7 ± 2.92g and 382.4 ± 3.10g; 3721g and 3736g; 2.33 and 2.72 respectively, for conventional and Bukhari brooded groups. The dressing and mortality percentage in both the groups were found to be 74.68 ± 0.24 and 73.92 ± 0.31; 2.00 and 3.34 respectively, showing no significant difference in performance between Bukhari and conventionally brooded chicks. On economic analysis, overall income gain was found to be Rs 18.28 per bird through Bukharibrooding system. The study recommends Bukhari as a safe, economic and suitable alternative brooding to conventional brooder in remote rural areas having no or limited availability of power/electricity supply.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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