Influence of intervention on mortality in desi chicken in Tamil Nadu, South India

D. Chandrasekaran1, A. Natarajan1, K. Anitha1, Nicholas Sparks2,
Thomas Acamovic2 and Czech Conroy3

1. Department of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal, TN
2. Food Systems Division, Scottish Agricultural College, Ayr, Scotland, UK
3. University of Greenwich, UK

A study was conducted to understand the mortality pattern of desi chicken before and after intervention in intensive desi bird rearing village ‘Peruganur’ in Tamil Nadu Households were categorized into 3 groups viz. lands and house in same place (I) or in separate places (II) and land less (III). Mortality was recorded in pre (PrI) and post intervention (PoI) periods in ten households each in a category. The birds were intervened for vaccination, deworming, treatment for ecto-parasites and supplemented with grains during the drought period.

Total mortality during pre and post intervention was 27.13 % and 27.14 % respectively in which predation mortality was the highest. It was 18.20 % in PrI period and 25.81 % in PoI period. The reason for high predation mortality in PoI period could be due to drought that occurred. The disease mortality was 4.15 % and 0.37 % in PrI and PoI periods respectively. This reduction in PoI period was due to vaccination for viral diseases. Category wise, CIII birds had highest disease mortality. No classical ND outbreak was seen in the village in both the periods. Fowl pox outbreak was seen in all three categories in PrI period with two deaths (9.52 %) in each CI and CIII category. Predation was the major cause of mortality and not ND as usually presumed. There is a strong need for protection of birds from predation by providing improved system of desi bird rearing and also improved housing. Good management practice, regular vaccination and deworming should prevent the mortality due to disease and improve the performance of the birds.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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