Comparative growth   performance studies of Dahlem Red x Kadaknath crosses in the intensive and extensive system of rearing in Uttaranchal

C.B. Singh and M.H. Jilani
Animal Science Section
GBPUA& T, Hill Campus, Ranichauri Tehri Garhwal - 249 199

A study was carried out to study the growth & performance of Dahlem Red x Kadak nath crosses in both intensive & extensive system of poultry rearing during 2002-2003 under a TAR project at a high altitude temperate climate in Himalaya hills. The weekly body weight in intensive system of rearing were 100.2± 0.96, 160.0± 1.90, 239.4± 2.10, 408.6± 2.80, 732.0± 3.63, 895.2± 4.20 and 996.2± 5.50 gm respectively corresponding body weight of 94.40± 0.98, 151.8± 1.96, 230.2± 2.34, 397.0± 2.92, 710.0± 3.82, 846.2± 4.60 and 931.2 ± 5.60 gm at in II nd, III rd ,IV th , V th, VI th , VII th, & VIII th weeks of age in extensive system of rearing at farmers field in adopted villages. At 16 weeks of Age body weight of extensive reared birds was slightly higher intensive birds. The mortality percent (0-16 weeks) was higher in extensive system than intensive system of rearing.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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