Scope for propagation of Vanaraja birds in rural areas of Prakasm district-A survey

M.V.A.N. Suryanarayana
Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University
District Agricultural Advisory and Transfer of Technology Centre
AMC Campus, Throvagunta post, Ongole-523 262

Poultry rearing is an age-old practice in rural areas; however, the production potential of these desi birds is very less. Considering this point, an attempt was made to initiate the raising of Vanaraja, a dual-purpose bird suitable for rural poultry, among rural population. Before introducing Vanaraja, a survey was conducted in five mandals of Prakasam district to identify the constraints for rearing of rural poultry. The study revealed that, people were not satisfied with the production of desi birds. The constraints for poultry production in these areas are non-availability of suitable stocks, feed, medicines and vaccines. The study also revealed that poultry products (Eggs and broilers) are scarce and their price was very high. Rural people had shown keen interest to have coloured birds with better production potentials, which can thrive well on scavenging feed base available in rural areas. Based on the above study the following strategies were formulated. Creating awareness about Vanaraja and its characteristics, supply of smaller units (around 20) to the farmers, monitoring of common poultry diseases, etc. This will lead to propagation of Vanaraja in rural areas because it is a well-known fact that ultimately extension spreads from farmer to farmer. This will provide supplementary income to the farmers by sale of eggs and male birds and people will get highly nutritious poultry meat and eggs at their door steps.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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