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Effect of dietary supplementation of herbal liver stimulant, Superliv DS, on the feed consumption, FCR, protein and energy retention of commercial broilers


Department of Livestock Production Management
College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
G.B.PantUniversity of Agriculture & Technology
Pantnagar - 263145 (Uttaranchal)



A study was undertaken for the effects of Superliv DS (herbal liver stimulant) on performance of commercial broiler chicks. Two hundred and forty three-day old unsexed commercial broiler chicks were divided randomly into three identical groups each with 3 replicates. Control diet (D 1) contained basal feed whereas Superliv DS @ 125 g/tonne of feed and 250 g/tonne of feed was added to basal diet in the groups D 2 and D 3 respectively. After 21 days each group (D 1, D 2 and D 3) was subdivided in to two subgroups (D 11, D 12, D 21, D 22 and D 31, D 32). It was observed that the feed consumption, feed efficiency, protein and energy retention were significantly higher than the control group. It may be concluded from the present study that supplementation of Superliv Ds @ 250 g/tonne of feed improved feed consumption, FCR, protein and energy retention of commercial broilers.


Source : IPSACON-2005
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