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Effect of Hepatocare on performance of commercial broilers

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Effect of Hepatocare on performance of commercial broilers


Department of Poultry Science, UAS, Hebbal Bangalore - 560 024



A study was conducted to compare the effect of dietary addition of Hepatocare and commercially available herbal feed additive on the performance of commercial broiler chicks receiving moderate and high-energy diets. Three hundred and thirty six day-old sexed boiler chicks were subjected to eight experimental diets with three replicates of 14 birds each for 42 days. The treatments included a moderate and high-energy diets without supplementation, a three each of moderate and high-energy diets plus Hepatocare @ 250 and 500 g/ton of feed and commercially available herbal feed additive @ 250g/ton of feed. Dietary additions of Hepatocare to moderate and high-energy diets had a positive effect on the body weight as compared to their respective control and herbal supplemented diets. Feed consumption was statistically similar in all the supplemented groups compared to their respective controls at all the ages. Feed efficiency in birds fed Hepatocare was superior as compared to chicks fed control diet. There was reduction in liver lipid content and serum enzyme activities in Hepatocare and herbal supplemented groups. No significant difference in dressing percentage was observed among the different treatment groups in both energy levels. The study suggested that supplementation of Hepatocare in diets improved the performance and reduced liver lipid content.


Source : IPSACON-2005
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