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Efficacy of Herbiotic FS, a herbal antimicrobial growth promoter on performance of broiler birds

Kohinoor Hatchery


Higher levels of infecting microbes in the intestine reduce the production performance of poultry birds. Therefore, reduction in gastrointestinal microbes helps optimum utilization of dietary energy. But serious concern is being expressed regarding the use of synthetic antibiotic growth promoters in poultry birds as it leads to residual toxicity and development of resistant organisms in poultry and humans consuming their products.

Herbiotic-FS is a herbal antimicrobial growth promoter, which does not cause the problem of resistance development and residues in meat. In a clinical trial, Herbiotic FS was used to evaluate its efficacy in broiler birds of Cobb strain. In one group, the broiler birds were kept on standard broiler ration containing Herbiotic FS @ 250g/ton of feed from day 8. In another group, the broiler birds were kept on standard broiler ration without any antimicrobial growth promoter. 5372 birds each were kept in both the sheds (control and experiment). Up to 1 week, crumbled feed was used for both the groups while from 2 nd week onwards, mash feed was used. The body weight, feed consumption, FCR and cumulative mortality of the birds of both the groups were recorded.

Herbiotic FS supplementation significantly affected production performance such as higher growth promotion along with considerably less FCR as compared to untreated control group, in broilers.

It can be concluded from the present trial that the inclusion of Herbiotic FS in the feed is economically beneficial in commercial broiler farming without the possibility of resurgence of resistant microorganisms. Herbiotic FS is ideally suitable for profitable organic poultry farming also where the use of synthetic antimicrobial growth promoter is not allowed.


Source : IPSACON-2005
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