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Effect of high fiber diet incorporated with enzymes on the performance of broiler chicks

Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi - 221002 (U.P.)


For the maximum utilization of nutrients particularly crude fiber in the diet of broilers with the incorporation of exogenous enzyme mixture (Amylase 7500 units, Cellulase 450 units, Lipase 450 units and protease 250 units) in diet, an experiment was conducted with three replications. 250 day-old chicks were divided into 5 groups of 50 each and allowed to feed broiler ration containing 6% CF (G1), broiler ration containing 8% CF (G2), broiler ration containing 8% CF + enzyme [email protected] 1.5g/Kg feed (G3), broiler ration containing 10% CF + enzyme [email protected] 2.5g/Kg feed (G4) and broiler ration containing 12% CF + enzyme [email protected] 4g/Kg feed (G5) up to the age of 6 weeks. The observations recorded during the study reveals that chicks of G4 group consumed lowest amount of feed and DM but gained highest body weight, which reflects better utilization of feed nutrients. Lowest FCR observed in G4 group further justifies a fact that chicks of this group consumed lowest amount of feed to gain per unit body weight. The quality and quantity of carcass of the chick of G3 and G4 groups showed better response over the other groups under study. Similarly, margin of profit was also maximum (Rs. 27.70%) in G4 group as compared to the other groups. The findings, in general, indicate that incorporation of enzyme mixture reduced feed intake, increased body weight and improved feed efficiency. It may be concluded that incorporation of enzyme mixture @ 2.5g/Kg feed to broiler ration containing 10% CF may be treated as most suitable feed combination so far as overall performance of broiler chicks is concerned.


Source : IPSACON-2005
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