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Effect of probiotic and enzymes supplementation on the performance of broilers

Department of Poultry Science
Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Akola - 444 104 (MS)
(MaharashtraAnimal & FisherySciencesUniversity, Nagpur)



A feeding trial of 6 weeks duration was conducted on 180 commercial straight run day old broiler chicks to study the effect of probiotic and enzymes (alone or in combination) supplementation on performance of broilers. Four dietary treatments used were, control diet without probiotic or enzymes (T 1), enzymes @ 0.1 per cent (T 2), probiotic @ 0.1 per cent (T 3) and probiotic 0.1% plus enzymes 0.1% (T 4). Each treatment was subjected to 3 replicates with fifteen chicks in each replicate. Performance of broilers in terms of body weight gain, feed intake, feed efficiency and economics were recorded. Metabolic trial and humoral immune response were also studied at the end of 6 th week of age. The body weight gain at 6 th weeks of age showed significant (P < 0.05) improvement in all treatment groups as compared to control group. The feed consumption at end of 6 th weeks revealed non-significant differences in all the treatment groups. The feed efficiency in all the treatment groups at the end of 6 th week also showed non-significant difference. The dry matter retention was higher in all the treatment groups as compared to control group, while highest nitrogen retention in probiotic plus enzyme group was found. The humoral immune response was increased in probiotic and probiotic inclusion group. Enzyme supplementation group showed slightly higher profit per bird among all the treatment groups. Thus supplementation of enzymes and probiotic alone found to be beneficial to enhance the overall performance of birds.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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