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Shoneez – A performance promoter for improving the utilization of high fibre diets in layer growers

Department of Poultry Science
University of Agricultural Sciences,
Hebbal, Bangalore - 560 024



Shoneez, a proprietary preparation of Sanjeevini Enterprises has been claimed to improve the digestibility of fibrous feed ingredients. A field trial was taken up to assess the possibility of including sunflower extractions (SFE) in high proportions in layer grower diets with Shoneez Supplementation. A batch of 10000 BV300 growers was fed a diet containing 400 Kg maize, 100Kg of unground Ragi, 400Kg SFE, 80Kg dry fish, 10Kg calcite and 10Kg DCP with regular vitamin, mineral and other supplements, and 5Kg Shoneez per ton of feed. The crude fibre content of the diet was 12.9% as against the recommended upper limit of 9% or the generally followed norms of 7%. As on 16 th week age, the growers were healthy, active and were corresponding to the desirable weights as recommended by the hatchery. Increasing the fibre content of the diet did not adversely affect the feed intake, body weight gain or health condition of the birds. The droppings were quite dry and no wet droppings or fly problems have been observed. As per the rates prevailing in November 2004, which are relatively low, Shoneez supplementation has helped save Indian rupees 200-300 per ton as compared to the regular feed formulae. Considering the fact that SFE is currently not found in higher inclusion levels in grower diets, it appears that Shoneez improves the digestibility of and nutrient utilization from highly fibrous ingredients even at higher inclusion levels.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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