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Performance of layer chicks fed diets high on sunflower extraction and Shoneez – A herbal digestion enhancer

Department of Poultry Science
University of Agricultural Sciences, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560 024


A field trial was taken up to assess the ability of Shoneez, a herbal preparation claimed to improve the digestibility of fibrous diets in poultry. A batch of 12000 day-old BV300 chicks was fed a diet containing 300 kg maize, 200kg rice broken, 390Kg sunflower extractions, 100Kg dry fish and 10Kg DCP with regular vitamin, mineral and other supplements and 5Kg of Shoneez per ton of feed. The crude fiber content of the diet was 12.24% as against the recommended upper limit of 9% or the generally followed norms of 7%. As on 28 th, 35 th and 42 nd day age, the chicks were weighing 230g, 310g and 400g, as against the hatchery recommended standard weights of 230g, 310g and 410g, respectively. The cumulative feed intake values were 5.8 tons, 8.6tons and 10.8 tons as against the values 5.88tons, 8.82 tons and 10.18 tons corresponding to the recommended cumulative intake for 12000 birds at such intervals, respectively. The chicks were healthy, active and alert. The droppings were dry and black in color and otherwise normal. Diet reformulation with Shoneez has helped in saving about 2500 Indian rupees per ton of layer chick feed, and also helped by way of lower feed intake, better feed conversion, and better bird health. It is opined that Shoneez can be extremely beneficial in poultry diet reformulation for better economy.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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