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Sparing effect of phytase enzyme on inclusion of inorganic phosphorus sources (dicalcium phosphate) in broiler diets

Department of Animal Nutrition
VeterinaryCollege, University of Agricultural Sciences
Hebbal, Bangalore-560 024
1 SRRC [CSWRI], Kodaikanal - 624 103


A broiler study was conducted to evaluate the sparing effect of phytase-2000 on the inclusion of inorganic phosphorus sources in which three levels of phytase (0, 0.05 and 0.1%) each at two levels of available phosphorus (Pav) (0.1 and 0.2%) and in turn each of such combinations at two levels of calcium (0.8 and 1.0%) formed 12 diets besides a standard BIS specified control. Each of 13 diets was offered to duplicate groups of 10 chicks (equal sex) each and were reared in battery brooders for 42-days. The cumulative mean body weight gain (953.5 to 1566g/bird), feed consumption (2570 to 3545 g/bird) and feed conversion ratio (2.70 to 2.27 g feed/g gain) were significantly different (P<0.05) through out the experiment. Groups with low dietary Pav (0.1%) showed leg weakness, ruffled feathers and ascites. The terminal dressing percentage of birds ranged from 64.06 (0 phytase, 0.1Pav, 1.0 % Ca) to 72.96 (0.05 phytase, 0.2 Pav, 0.8 % Ca). The mean meat: bone ratio and weights of heart, liver and gizzard (as % body weight) were found to be non significant (P>0.05). The bone ash profile revealed that incorporation of phytase in the broiler diets led to higher tibial ash and toe ash contents as a result of the increased utilization of minerals due to hydrolysis of phytate by the phytase (0.10%) with higher calcium (1.0%) and higher Pav (0.20%) when compared to control group. The mean plasma inorganic phosphorus and the serum calcium (mg/dl) were found to be statistically similar (P>0.05) indicating that Ca uptake and its homeostasis in the blood are independent of the levels of phytase, Pav and Ca. The net returns ranged from as low as Rs.-0.026/bird to Rs.11.86/bird. It was concluded that phytase-2000 enzyme supplementation at 0.10 per cent level to diets containing the Pav level of (0.2%) at low level of calcium (0.80%) was found to be beneficial for broilers.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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