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Efficacy of endogenous and microbial phytase with or without cholicalciferol on the productive performance of laying hens

Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar – 243 122
*Department of Animal Science, MJPRohilkhandUniversity, Bareilly- 243006



A feeding trial of fourteen weeks duration (27 - 40 wk of age) was conducted on 48 Single Comb White Leghorn hens. A corn-soy based layer diet (control) having DCP was formulated to contain total phosphorus- 0.75%, phytate phosphorus 0.25% and inorganic P 0.50%, whereas rest of the seven test diets were formulated by incorporating endogenous phytase rich ingredients such as wheat, wheat bran and barley replacing maize. All these seven diets were devoid of DCP and contained total phosphorus 0.45%, phytate phosphorus 0.29% and inorganic phosphorus 0.16%. Commercial microbial phytase was added in test diets D 3 and D 4 @ 250 and 500 FTU/kg of diet, whereas in diet D 5 and D 6 1-25 dihydroxycholicalciferol were added @ of 600 and 1200 ICU/kg. Diets D 7 and D 8 contained both microbial phytase and 1-25 dihydroxycholicalciferol @ of 250 FTU/600 ICU and 500 FTU/ 1200 ICU per kg. All diets were fedto six individual layers in each treatment. Feed intake, egg production and FCR were recorded daily for a 14 wk of feeding period. No significant (P>0.05) differences were observed on egg production and cumulative feed intake in different dietary treatments. However, feed conversion ratio (egg mass / feed intake) revealed that laying hens fed on control diet have a significant better FCR that those fed on test diets. It is concluded that phytase rich feedstuffs such as wheat, wheat bran and barley can be incorporated in a standard layer diet (devoid of inorganic phosphorus supplement) with out adversely affecting the egg production.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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