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Prebiotic – Probiotics – Acidifiers – The ideal trio in broiler growth

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Prebiotic – Probiotics – Acidifiers – The ideal trio in broiler growth

R & D Division, Kasila Farms Limited,


A total of 6000 commercial broiler chicks, 1500 in each group in 4 groups were used in this study. The group-A, fed with control feed (CF), group-B with CF plus prebiotic, group-C with CF plus prebiotic and prebiotic (PP) and group-D with CF plus prebiotic, probiotic acidifier (PPA). The mortality percentages from 0-6 weeks in group-A,B,C and D were found to be 4.4, 2.8, 2.4 and 1,8, respectively. The group-D recorded the highest straightrun six weeks body weight, 2014 gms followed by 1930, 1923 and 1836 gms in group-C, B and A, respectively. PPA treated group utilized the feed more efficiently with the best, FCR (1.85). The FCR in PP treated group was 1.92. Despite the extra feed additive costs, the production cost per kg of chicken was lower than that of control group. The performance indexes in broiler production were 205, 219, 221 and 240 group-A, B,C and D, respectively. The non-antibiotic growth promoters, PPA with different mode of actions could useful to keep broilers in sound health condition. In this context, when people are becoming more and more concerned about the development of antibiotic resistant super bugs and consequently human health hazards, due to use of antibiotic growth promoters, the use of PPA in animal production can be a good alternative.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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