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Effect of herbal detoxicants on the performance of commercial broilers

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Effect of herbal detoxicants on the performance of commercial broilers

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
Pantnagar - 263145 Uttaranchal


The present investigation was undertaken on 630, day-old broiler chicks, which were randomized into 7 groups (D1 to D7) with 3 replicates each. All the groups alongwith their replicates were randomly housed in a poultry house with standard and identical managemental, nutritional and environmental conditions. All the chicks were vaccinated as per the routine practice of the farm. Group D1 was kept as control and was offered basal diet of broiler starter and finisher rations whereas groups D2 and D5 and their replicates received basal diet supplemented with aflatoxin (AFB1) @ 100 and 200 ppb in the feed, respectively, from day one to six weeks of age. Diets of other groups were mixed with AFB1 (100ppb or 200ppb) along with either organic acid and aluminium silicate combination (HSCAS) or herbal toxin binder and detoxicant (ToxiCheck) in different combinations. No other growth promoter was added in the feed or drinking water. It was observed that feeding of aflatoxins significantly suppressed the growth of broilers along with increase in their FCR in the diet groups D2 and D5 as compared to the control group D1 but when birds were fed ToxiCheck along with aflatoxins, there was no adverse effect on the growth and FCR of broilers. Similar favorable effects of ToxiCheck were observed on protein and energy utilization and mortality. ToxiCheck could efficiently bind the aflatoxins present in the diet and facilitate their excretion through faeces. Further, the detoxifying actions of ToxiCheck helped in maintaining health and optimum growth of birds. The results of the present study indicated better efficacy of ToxiCheck over HSCAS for binding and excretion of aflatoxins from intestinal tract, improving growth, FCR, nutrient digestibility and reducing severity of liver lesions and incidence of FLS. It may be concluded from the study that supplementation of ToxiCheck is beneficial as it improved growth, weight gain, feed efficiency, nutrient digestibility and reduced mortality in broiler chickens kept on feed containing mycotoxins. 

Source : IPSACON-2005
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