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Feed restriction x dietary protein interaction effect on egg production performance of dwarf broiler dams

Department of Poultry Science
College of Veterinary Science and Animal husbandry
J.N.K.V.V, Jabalpur - 482004


Four feed restriction levels viz. 0% (A 0), 10% (A 1), 20% (A 2) and 30% (A 3) and four dietary protein levels viz. 16% (B 0), 17% (B 1), 18% (B 2) and 19% (B 3) having isocaloric energy 2700 kcal ME/kg diet were utilized to examine the interaction effect of quantitative feed restriction and dietary protein on egg production performances of 192 dwarf broiler breeder dams from 25-44 weeks of age. Data were recorded on egg number, percent egg production, egg weight and egg mass on four weekly period basis, denoted as period I, II, III, IV, V. The main effect feed restriction and dietary protein was found to affect highly significantly (P<0.05) the number of eggs, percent egg production, egg weight and egg mass whereas A x B interaction did not exert any significant effect on these production traits of dwarf broiler dams whether analysis was carried out on period wise or on overall basis. A 1B 2 produced 5.09 and 2.84 more eggs whereas A 1B 3 produced 5.92 and 3.97 more eggs than A 0B 1 and A 1B 1 group. A 1B 2 and A 1B 3 differ non-significantly. Overall interaction results showed that quantitative feed restriction at 10% level with 18 and 19% protein resulted in more number of eggs, more percent egg production, heavier egg weight favored higher egg mass output in dwarf broiler hens. Analysis revealed that A 1B 3 diet fed birds were producing significantly more number of eggs, heavier eggs (53.08 g), heavy egg mass (5147.6 g) followed by A 1B 2 fed birds.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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