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Comparative efficacy of HerboMethione and synthetic DL-Methionine on performance of breeder birds

Poultry Disease Diagnostic Centre
G.T. Road, Karnal, Haryana


Methionine is an amino acid, which must be supplied in the diet of the poultry birds. Methionine deficiency is associated with poor performance in breeder birds. A trial was conducted in Cobb parent flock using HerboMethione, in comparison to synthetic dl-methionine. HerboMethione is prepared from specially selected methionine rich plant materials that harmoniously meet optimum requirements of methionine in poultry. HerboMethione contains methionine in a sustained-release dipeptides and oligopeptides form along with enzymes required for conversion of methionine into SAM for its optimum utilization. Female breeder birds of same age group from same shed during high production period were divided into two groups i.e. Group A comprising of 5659 females & Group B comprising of 5861 females. The birds of both the groups were being maintained on standard breeder ration containing synthetic dl-methionine @ 1kg/ton of feed. The performance of the birds of both the groups was observed for one week. Thereafter, the birds of Group A were supplemented with HerboMethione @ 1kg/ton of feed in place of synthetic dl-methionine for two weeks and the birds of Group B continued to be supplemented with synthetic dl-methionine at the same dose rate (1kg/ton). The comparative performance of both the groups was observed for these two weeks.

The results showed that HerboMethione can be used in place of synthetic dl-methionine. Moreover, when breeder birds were supplemented with HerboMethione in place of synthetic dl-methionine there was marked improvement in hen-day production (+5%), hatch able eggs (+2.82%) and egg weight (1.74 gm). It appears that better efficacy of HerboMethione is due to higher bioavailability and bioactivity as compared to synthetic dl-methionine. It is further advantageous that HerboMethione is easily available on comparatively economical and stable prices than synthetic dl-methionine, thus HerboMethione ensures better farm profitability.


Source : IPSACON-2005
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