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Economic feasibility of restricted feeding in broiler breeders

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Economic feasibility of restricted feeding in broiler breeders

Deptt. Vety. & Anim. Hus. Extension
COVS, PAU, Ludhiana - 141004


An experiment was conducted in which the effects of economic feasibility of restricted feeding in broiler breeders was studied during the breeding periods. Broiler breeders were reared from 0 to 6 weeks on ad lib feeding, 6 to 20 weeks on restricted feeding to maintain required body weights at 20 weeks. At 20 weeks of age, the following four treatments were imposed: T1, fed ad lib; T2, 10% restriction of ad lib feeding; T3, 20% restriction of ad lib feeding; T4, 30% restriction of ad lib feeding. Cost of one kg feed was calculated by taking market rate of each ingredient in different treatments. Data were recorded on total feed cost per bird, number of chicks per bird during breeding period. All the weekly data during breeding period were converted into 28 days period. The results indicated that the saving/chick from restricted feeding varied from Rs. 1.95 to 2.31.  The day old broiler chicks costed lower in T2 (Rs. 1.95), T2 (Rs. 2.02) and T4 (Rs. 2.31) than the ad-lib fed group.  The higher returns through feed restriction mainly based on total egg production, hatch able egg production, hatchability percentage on total eggs, and mainly on lower feed consumption in restricted feeding.  The higher returns in 30 per cent restriction were due to higher production of hatch able eggs (%) and lower feed consumption. It may be concluded that by restricting the feed during breeding period, cost of production of chicks can be reduced and it was lowest when feed restriction was 30 per cent of ad lib feeding.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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