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Response of broiler chicks to various dietary fat supplements

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Response of broiler chicks to various dietary fat supplements

Project Directorate on Poultry
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad - 500 030


The comparative feeding value of different fat supplements in broiler chicken diet was studied. A total of 400 day-old male broiler chicks were divided into 5 equal groups and fed ad libisocaloric and isonitrogenous broiler diets (NRC, 1994) formulated to contain: no fat supplement (control) or 3% level of sunflower oil (SFO), safflower oil (SAO), palm oil ( PO) or fish oil (FO) till 42 d of age. The chicks were fed starter diet (23% CP and 2850 kcal ME /kg) from 1 – 21 d and finisher diet (20% CP and 2950 kcal ME /kg) thereafter till 42 d of age. Response of chicks was assessed in terms of performance, immune competence, serum biochemical profile and slaughter yields. Body weight (1885-1966g) and feed intake (3584-3665g/bird) were similar among all the groups, while feed conversion efficacy was improved by all the fat supplements (1.92 in the control as against 1.87-1.90 in the fat supplemented groups), except FO, which significantly lowered the feed conversion efficiency (2.00). Serum cholesterol & triglycerides concentration decreased with PO, whereas the remaining fat supplements showed no effect. Dressing yields were the lowest (73.1%) in the FO-fed group and no differences were seen among the rest of the groups (73.3-75.0%). Humoral immune response (SRBC titers) and weights of liver, giblets, bursa, spleen and abdominal fat were not affected. It is concluded that various vegetable fat supplements did not alter broiler chick performance, where as FO though did not affect growth, reduced feed conversion efficiency and dressing yields.



Source : IPSACON-2005
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