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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
Nutrition for growth, production & reproduction; feed stuffs - Articles
Impact of mycotoxins on poultry industry and some practical solutions  G. DEVEGOWDA, K. L. ARVIND, VITTAL KUMAR AND C. K. GIRISH
Juvenile broiler nutrition  D.CHANDRASEKARAN
Breeder nutrition with reference to fertility and hatchability  A. B. MANDAL AND A. V. ELANGOVAN
Utilization of animal by-products for incorporation in poultry feeds as a source of animal protein  D.V. R. PRAKASH RAO
Effect of supplementation of vitamin D3 at varying Ca: tP ratios on the growth performance of broiler chicks  JASWINDER SINGH AND S.S.SIKKA
Effects of Different Levels of Methionine Content of Diet on Broiler Breeder Performance   R.POURESLAMI AND M.SHIVAZAD
Comparison of calcium and phosphorus retention of commercial male and female broilers in different seasons   RANJEET KAUR AND J.S. CHAWLA
Effect of feeding diets with different energy levels on the performance of broiler housed in cages during summer season  G.A.BHAT, M. T.BANDAY, A.A.KHAN AND F.A.MATTOO
Interaction of dietary energy and critical amino acids on growth performance and carcass yield of multicolored broiler chickens   S. K. BHANJA AND A B. MANDAL
Requirement of non-phytate phosphorus in broiler breeder diet   S.K. BHANJA, V.R. REDDY, A.K. PANDA, S.V. RAMA RAO AND R.P. SHARMA
Effect of supplementation of different combinations of vitamin E and selenium on biochemical indices in broilers   HARMANPREET SINGH RANJEET KAUR SANDEEP SODHI AND BHUPINDER SINGH
Comparative antioxidant efficacy of herbal E-50 and synthetic vitamin E   S. CHATTERJEE AND S.K.AGRAWALA
Efficacy of dl α –tocopherol on immuneresponse and growth parameters of broiler chicken   MANOJ KUMAR AND K.C.P.SINGH
Comparative efficacy of HerboMethione and synthetic DL-Methionine on performance of breeder birds   LALIT MAHAJAN
Response of laying pullets (CARI Priya) to variable levels of dietary energy and essential amino acids during first phase of egg production   A.B. MANDAL, A. V. ELANGOVAN, C. DEO AND H. P. SHRIRIVASTAVA
Calcium and zinc levels in laying hens diet: Effect on egg production performance   CHANDRA DEO, H.P.SHRIVASTAVA, PRAVEEN K.TYAGI AND D.P.SINGH
Calcium and zinc levels in laying hens diet: Effect on egg quality traits   CHANDRA DEO, H.P.SHRIVASTAVA, PRAVEEN K. TYAGI AND D.P.SINGH
Effect of dietary calcium and manganese levels on egg production performance of frizzle x WL layers   CHANDRA DEO, H.P. SHRIVASTAVA, PRAVEEN K. TYAGI AND D.P. SINGH
Higher dietary vitamin E and selenium fed during different age periods: Influence on growth performance of broiler chicks   PRAVEEN K.TYAGI, PRAMOD K.TYAGI, A.B.MANDAL, A.V.ELANGOVAN AND R.P.SINGH
Effect of sodium sulphate and methionine supplementations in broiler diet   B. ANIL AND A. VISWANATH
The effect of feed restriction on performance of broilers   C. NIRMALA, S.C. EDWIN AND K. VISWANATHAN
Feed restriction x dietary protein interaction effect on egg production performance of dwarf broiler dams  J. K. BHARDWAJ, PRACHI GUHA AND R.P.NEMA
Egg production performances of dwarf broiler dams as influenced by feed restriction and protein levels of diet  PRACHI GUHA AND J. K. BHARDWAJ
Effect of quantitative feed restriction and dietary protein on egg weight and egg mass of dwarf broiler dams   PRACHI GUHA AND J. K. BHARDWAJ
Effect of in ovo injection of glucose on the hatch weight and blood biochemical parameters of the day-old broiler chicks   S.K.BHANJA, A.B. MANDAL, S.K. AGARWAL AND S. MAJUMDAR
Effect of feed stirring and feeding frequencies on broiler performance   D. KAR AND D. PRASAD
Economic feasibility of restricted feeding in broiler breeders   J. S. BHATTI AND M. L. SHARMA
Response of broiler chicks to various dietary fat supplements  M.V.L.N. RAJU, S.V. RAMA RAO, K. RADHIKA AND G. SHYAM SUNDER
Comparative growth and economic performance of broiler chicks using NRC and BIS standards of feeding   SHASHI PAL AND RANJIT SINGH
Impact of phase feeding on growth and economic efficiency of broilers as per NRC feeding regime   SHASHI PAL AND RANJIT SINGH
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