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Response of laying pullets (CARI Priya) to variable levels of dietary energy and essential amino acids during first phase of egg production

Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.)-243122


An experiment was conducted involving 104 laying pullets (CARI Priya) to optimize dietary energy and limiting amino acids concentration during 20-40 weeks of egg production. Four dietary treatments were formulated with different levels of energy viz. T1: 2800, T2: 2700, T3: 2600 kcal ME/kg with the fixed energy to amino acids ratio as suggested by NRC (1994) and T4: 2600 kcal ME/kg with lysine and methionine concentration as per ISI (1992). Each dietary treatment was offered to 26 laying pullets from 20-40 weeks of age, while egg production and feed intake were recorded from 22-40 weeks of age. The hen-day production, egg weight and feed: egg mass did not differ significantly due to dietary treatments. However, feed intake/dozen egg was higher (P<0.01) in diets containing 2600 kcal ME/kg. Though, feed cost per dozen egg reduced at 2600 kcal ME with protein 14%, lysine 0.62%, methionine + cystine 0.55% and threonine 0.55%. The egg quality did not differ except egg yolk color. On the basis of egg production, egg weight and feed efficiency, the optimum requirement emerged out to be 2700 kcal ME/kg diet, 0.65% lysine, 0.28% methionine and 0.56% threonine during 20-40 weeks of age of CARI Priya layers.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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