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Efficacy of dl α –tocopherol on immuneresponse and growth parameters of broiler chicken

Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Bihar Veterinary College , Patna – 800 014


Generation of free radicals in cells, deliberately or evidently, is fundamental biochemical forcers which represent on essential part of acerbic life and metabolisms. A dynamic balance between pro-oxidant and antioxidant is an essentials tool to protect an organism from deleterious effect of oxidative stress. Vitamin E (α –tocpherol ) is endowed with antioxidant property due to scavenging of free radicals thus, providing the immunity and productivity. Feeding frail was conducted to assess the efficacy of vitamin E in improving the production potential of chickens reared under intensive system. Two groups of chickens, containing 50 birds is each group, were used for the trial. Identical management, feeding and disease conditions were provided to all birds. dl α-tocopherol acetate was fed to one of the group of birds @125mg/bird from 5 to 45 day of age where as the other group of birds was devoid of treatment .Birds in each group were vaccinated against RD virus by and LaSota strain on 5 and 45 days of age ,respectively. Vaccination was also done against IBD by IV 95 Strain IBD virus. Blood samples from representative birds of each group were collected for sera and subjected to HI test for antibody level against RD virus and QAGPT for IBD virus. Body weight going and feed conversion ratio were determined. The result demonstrated a significantly (P<0.05) higher HI and QAGPT antibody titer in the Vitamin E treated birds as compared to control. A significantly higher body weight gain and FCR was also found in the treated birds. The mortality percent was lower in treatment group (2.5 Vs 5.0).The role of Vitamin E as antistress, adaptogenic and immunogenic agent will be discussed in detail.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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