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Effect of supplementation of vitamin D3 at varying Ca: tP ratios on the growth performance of broiler chicks

2Department of Animal Nutrition,P.A.U., Ludhiana
1ApolloCollege of Veterinary Medicine
M-87, Mahesh Colony, Jaipur - 302015
Email: [email protected]


A feeding trial using broiler chicks was conducted to see the effect of supplementation of vitamin D 3 at varying Ca: tP ratios. A total of 225 one-week-old chicks were randomly distributed in sixteen groups of twelve chicks in each. Four wheat based diets with Ca:tP ratio of 1:1,1.2:1,1.4:1,and 2:1 were formulated by varying the deoiled rice bran and lime stone powder. Eight experimental diets with or without vitamin D 3 were constituted and randomly allocated to duplicate groups of chicks. The finding indicated that supplementation of vitamin D 3 at different Ca:tP ratios significantly (P £ 0.01) affected body weight, weight gain, FCR, PCR and CCR (1-3 rd and 1-5 th week) and weight gain and feed intake (4-5 th week).Widening of Ca:tP ratio irrespective of vitamin D 3 significantly (P £ 0.01) affected the feed lot programme of the birds (1-3 rd week) however irrespective of Ca:tP ratios vitamin D 3 significantly (P £ 0.01) affected feed consumption during 1-3, 4-5 and 1-5 weeks of age.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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