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Poultry diseases and treatment

Dr. Mujeeb Ather Asst. Director (Pathologist)
Veterinary Biological Research Institute, Hyderabad .

Causative agent - C.septicum, C.perfringens type A, Staphylococcus aureus, either single or in combination.

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  • Depression, incordination of movements, inappetance, leg weakness and ataxia.
  • Dark moist areas under the skin are seen in wings, briars abdomen, legs and face.
  • Extensive blood tinged oedema under affected skin
  • Muscular discoloration, gray or tan.
  • Subcutaneous tissue containing emphysema and serosanguineous fluid.
  • No internal lesions but occasionally white foci on liver.
  • Small flaccid bursa usually followed by infectious bursal disease.


  • By gross lesions.
  • Avian Adenovirus Chicken Anemia Agent and Reovirus must be determined as these are predisposing factors for gangrenous dermatitis.
  • Dermatitis is also caused by mycotic agents and must be differentiated.