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Package of practices adopted in the broiler farms of Kashmir valley

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry
S.K University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Kashmir
Shuhama, Srinagar - 190006


A detailed study was carried out to collect first hand information about the managemental practices, production performance, and economic appraisal and over all technical and financial status of commercial broiler farms located in various regions of Kashmir valley. Total of one hundred farms present in all six districts of this region having different farm sizes, different chick strains and feed brands. The capital investment per bird ranged from Rs 18.50 to Rs 21.25, which excluded the working capital. On an average a broiler attained 1.40 kg Live weight at 47 days of age, consumed 3.42 kg feed with a feed efficiency of 2.44 and livability of 94.04 percent. The cost of production and net profit per kilogram live weight was Rs 45 and 4.04 respectively. For optimal profits, farm size should be 1500 broilers as 1500 in 4 batches undertaking direct marketing.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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