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Bukhari - An alternative to conventional method of brooding in remote and rural areas

Department of Animal Production & Management, SASRD,
Nagaland University Medziphema Campus - 797106, Nagaland


A total of 900 day-old Vencob strain of broiler chicks were randomly allotted into six treatmental groups of 150 chicks in each on the basis of body weight (mean weight, 38.47 g) having six different litter materials, i.e. Paddy husk (Group L 1, control), saw dust (Group L 2), lime treated used paddy husk (Group L 3), 50 % paddy husk plus 50% saw dust (Group L 4), 50% paddy husk plus 50% lime treated used paddy husk (Group L 5) and 50% saw dust plus 50% lime treated used paddy husk (Group L 6). The birds in all the six groups were offered a standard diet, i.e. starter mash from zero to 21 days of age and pellet diet from 22 days onwards till 42 days. The birds were reared under strict hygienic conditions with a floor spacing of one square feet per bird. All the components responsible for economic rearing of chicks were precisely recorded. The average cost of production for broiler birds was 65.78, 67.06, 65.99, 65.87, 65.97 and 65.99 rupees/birds in the groups from L 1 to L 6, respectively. The cost of production in terms of kilogram was 38.33, 39.93, 39.13, 42.02, 44.40 and 41.99 rupees per kg live weight in the groups from L 1 to L 6, respectively. The net return per bird was 20.03, 16.92, 18.33, 12.51, 8.32 and 12.58 rupees, respectively; however the net return in term of per kilogram of live weight of broiler bird was 11.67, 10.07, 10.87, 7.98, 5.60 and 8.01 rupees /kg live weight, respectively. From the above results it was revealed that broiler production in terms of economics was better in the group in which paddy husk was used as litter material; however, the results were comparable with the group in which lime treated paddy husk was used. So, it is recommended that lime treated recycled (used) paddy husk may be used as litter material for commercial broiler production under Nagaland condition.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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