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Semen evaluation and their correlation with fertility and hatchability in turkeys as influenced by different diluents

Dept. of Poultry Science, Madras Veterinary College
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai - 600 007


Beltsville small white turkey hens were artificially inseminated at 16 hrs to find out the effect of semen diluents on the fertility and hatchability. Semen collected from 5 toms were pooled together and divided into four equal parts. Each part of pooled semen was diluted with Lake's diluent, Brown's diluent, Lake's diluent with antibiotic and Brown's diluent with antibiotic respectively. 24 hens were randomly divided into four treatments. Treatment 1-Lake's diluent, Treatment 2 - Brown's diluent, Treatment 3- Lake's diluent with antibiotic and Treatment 4- Brown's diluent with antibiotic. Females were inseminated once a week with the respective semen sample containing about 150 millions of spermatozoa. Lake's diluent with antibiotic (Gentamicin) at 5 mg/ml showed significant increase (P <0.01) in sperm motility and live sperm compared to other treatments. Semen diluted in Lake's diluent and Brown's diluent without antibiotic recorded comparable abnormal sperm count. Significant positive correlation was observed for sperm motility, live sperm percentage with fertility and hatchability. Further significant negative correlation was observed for percent abnormal sperms and MBRT with fertility and hatchability.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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