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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
Phisiology Welfare Housing & Management - Articles
Challenges and strategies to manage poultry under stressful environmental conditions  S.S. NAGRA
Poultry housing for bird welfare and higher productivity  K. VISWANATHAN
Physiology of stress in poultry  JAG MOHAN
Studies on induction of early concurrent maturation of oviduct in domestic fowl  K.V.H. SASTRY, J. MOHAN, J.S. TYAGI AND M. SIRAJUDEEN
Effect of pinealectomy and exogenous melatonin administration on jejunal melatonin level  RAKESH THAKUR, J.S. TYAGI, J. MOHAN AND K.V.H. SASTRY
Effect of pinealectomy and exogenous melatonin administration on digestive enzymes and broiler performance  RAKESH THAKUR, J.S. TYAGI, J.MOHAN AND K.V.H. SASTRY
Effect of chronic immobilization stress on growth and plasma lipid composition in young broiler chicken  M. SIRAJUDEEN, JAGMOHAN, JAGBIR SINGH TYAGI, AND K.V.H. SASTRY
Semen evaluation and their correlation with fertility and hatchability in turkeys as influenced by different diluents  P. DHANUSHIA AND A.V. OMPRAKASH
Effect of gentamicin in different diluents on the fertility and hatchability in turkeys  A.V. OMPRAKASH AND P. DHANUSHIA
Packed erythrocyte cell volume in divergent lines of Japanese Quails  SAMITA SAINI, G.S. BRAH AND M.L. CHAUDHARY
Effect of frequency of milking and time of artificial insemination on fertility under farm condition  DARYAB SINGH AND B.K. PANDA
Effect of behavior and season on fertility  DARYAB SINGH AND M.C. YADAV
Effect varying doses of fresh semen on fertility, duration of fertility and hatchability  M. NIRANJAN, D.C. JOHARI AND D. CHAUDHURY
Influence of season on nutrient intake and performance of commercial broilers in arid regions of Karnataka  T. THIRUMALESH AND S. MALLIKARJUNAPPA
Effect of naked neck gene on body temperature of broilers in two extreme seasons  ATAL BAHADUR, I.S. BAJWA AND BHUPINDER SINGH
Effects of synthetic and herbal vitamin C supplementation in laying hen diet during heat stress under field conditions  PREET MOHINDER SINGH, S.S. NAGRA AND YASHPAL SINGH
Effects of vitamin C supplementation on performance of broiler chicks during heat stress  S.S. NAGRA, S. SODHI, YASHPAL SINGH AND P.N. DIWVEDI
Effects of synthetic and herbal vitamin C supplementation in heat stressed laying hens   S.S. NAGRA, YASHPAL SINGH AND P.N. DIWVEDI
Evaluation of different litter materials on growth, feed conversion and carcass yield in broilers  S.K. AHMED, V.B. SHARMA AND V.K. VIDYARTHI
Bukhari - An alternative to conventional method of brooding in remote and rural areas  S.K. AHMED, V.B. SHARMA AND V.K. VIDYARTHI
Applicability of Khakshir hay as a litter material for broiler chicken  H. KHOSRAVINIA
Importance of research on the quantity and quality aspects of litter material in poultry production  H. KHOSRAVINIA, H.N.N. MURTHY, and B. UMAKANTHA
Efficacy of alternative litter materials for broiler production under heat stress conditions  H. KHOSRAVINIA AND M. ABBASI
Preferences of broiler chicks for different litter materials  H. KHOSRAVINIA
Influence of day-old chick weight and gender separate rearing on performance of broilers  PREET MOHINDER SINGH AND S.S. NAGRA
Package of practices adopted in the broiler farms of Kashmir valley  M.T. BANDAY
Age dependent variation in cloacal gland and other measures of Japanese quail  J. MOHAN, K.V.H. SASTRY, J.S. TYAGI AND M. SIRAJUDEEN
Housing and production co-relationship in layer farms in Namakkal area  S. SUBA, R.THIRUVENGADAM, G. VENKATESH AND D. NARAHARI
Effect of stocking density in battery system of housing on the performance of broilers  G.A. BHAT, M.T. BANDAY AND A.A. KHAN
Effect of housing system and nutrient regimes on carcass characteristics of dual purpose coloured birds  A.K. GIRI, J.K. BHARDWAJ, R.P. NEMA AND S.S. ATKHARE
Growth response of dual purpose coloured birds as affected by housing system and nutrient regime  A.K. GIRI AND J.K. BHARDWAJ
Induced moulting in White Leghorn hens  P. THIRUNAVUKKARASU, M. MOORTHY AND K. VISWANATHAN
Development of certain poultry equipment (brooder, incinerator and flamegun) operated on biogas generated by poultry droppings  A. Rajashekher Reddy and P. Praveen
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