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Effect of gentamicin in different diluents on the fertility and hatchability in turkeys

Dept. of Poultry Science, Madras Veterinary College
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and AnimalSciencesUniversity Chennai - 600 007


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of Gentamicin supplementation with semen diluents on the fertility and hatchability in turkeys. Five toms of 40 weeks of age were housed in individual pens and were trained for semen collection adopting the method of Burrows and Quinn (1937). The pooled semen evaluated for its qualitative characters. Thirty hens belonging to the same hatch as that of toms was randomly divided into 5 treatment groups as T1 - control, T2- Lake's diluent, T3 - Brown's diluent, T4- Lake's diluent with antibiotic, T5- Brown's diluent with antibiotic. Gentamicin has been chosen and tried in extended semen at level of 5 micrograms per ml.

Turkey hens were inseminated at 16 hrs with semen diluents namely Lake's diluent, Brown's diluent with and without Gentamicin. Dilution of semen in Lake's diluent with antibiotic has resulted in significant (P <0.01) increase in fertility and hatchability compared to control, Lake's diluent and in Brown's diluent without Gentamicin. Semen diluted in Lake's diluent with Gentamicin, Brown's diluent with Gentamicin recorded comparable fertility, but there was no significant (P <0.01) difference in hatchability between Browns's diluent with and without Gentamicin. The raw and diluted semen was subjected to bacteriological study. The highest bacterial count was recorded in raw semen irrespective of the media compared to semen extended in Lake's diluent and Brown's diluent. No bacterial growth was noticed in semen samples diluted with diluents containing 5 mg of Gentamicin. Addition of Gentamicin at 5 mg level has significantly improved the fertility irrespective of the diluents owing to significant improvement in fertilizing ability in the absence of contaminants. The results suggest that Gentamicin supplementation in semen diluent is essential to improve semen quality, fertility and hatchability in turkeys.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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