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Poultry diseases and treatment

Dr. Mujeeb Ather Asst. Director (Pathologist)
Veterinary Biological Research Institute, Hyderabad .

Also known as Angara disease, Leechi disease, Aplastic anemia and inclusion body hepatitis

Caustive agent – A strain of adenovirus or Chicken anemia virus.


  • Sudden onset.
  • Signs are rare.
  • Occasionally birds debilitated, reluctant to move and ruffled feathers.
  • Affects chicks of 3 to 5 week age.
  • Mortality reaches 70% in acute cases.


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  • Liver – enlarged and congested.
  • Pericardium filled with fluid.
  • Heart – petechial and ecchymotic haemorrhages.
  • Lungs – congestion and oederma.
  • Kidney – enlarged, pale and friable.
  • Splenomegaly.


Pericardium filled with fluid


  • Liver – necrosis with mononuclear cell infiltration, presence of large round

Basophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies in the hepatocytes.

  • Cardiac muscle – oedematous with monounclear cell infiltration.
  • Lungs – congested, haemorrhagic, catarrhal inflammation and oedema.


Intranuclear inclusion bodies


  • Gross lesions.
  • Histopathology.
  • Serological tests H.A. test, A.G.P.T., S.N.T.
  • ELISA and FAT.
  • Isolation of the virus.


  • Etiology is not known.
  • Commonly seen in the age group of 3 to 6 week pullets and broilers
  • Gizzard is eroded and darkened with necrotic areas on epithelium.
  • In acute cases the morality is up to 35% .